Your reliable and secure Staking Service.

Looking for an efficient, reliable, and secure Staking Service? Then welcome to LetzBake! Join our community of crypto enthusiasts by delegating your stake and receive staking rewards from the most transparent staking service available.


Transparent fees

We clearly communicate the fees for the services we offer, and we always announce fee changes well in advance, in the social media and on our homepage. No surprises here, and this is a promise!

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Delegators first

We understand that our delegators are our greatest asset and we therefore strive to always provide the best staking experience possible. You can thus fully focus on growing your investment while we are taking care of the technical aspects.

Fully secure. All the time.

We employ best practices in cybersecurity to mitigate any risk of hacking or breaches as much as possible. Plus, with LetzBake! you only delegate staking rights, maintaining full control over your assets at all times. That means that your assets will never be at risk, even in the event of a breach.

About LetzBake!

LetzBake! is a professional staking service for crypto enthusiasts. We believe that staking protocols are the future of cryptocurrencies, given their low energy footprint and better scalability than proof-of-work currencies. We want these networks to thrive and thus contribute in securing them by providing a professional, reliant and secure staking service for everyone.


We are an established staking service that is active in the crypto staking scene since 2018. LetzBake! stands for reliability, security and transparency, which are not just words, but our living culture. Over the past years we have invested heavily, both financially and time, to strengthen our infrastructure and make our network resilient to downtime.

All our validators and backup validators run in Tier IV, DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers in Europe with redundant UPS, climate control, fire protection, 24/7 monitoring and DDoS protection. Generally, all connections between our servers are encrypted and only established via our private overlay network across data centers and cloud providers. In order to prevent downtime, we also implement rigorous metrics and log monitoring and alerting so that we are made aware of problems in the system before they become serious.

We understand that our delegators are our greatest asset and we, therefore, strive to continuously optimize our network to offer the best staking experience possible.
We will certainly add more crypto assets in the future. However, our aim is not to support as many assets as possible, but to provide the best service as possible. Our selection of cryoto assets is thus rather restrictive, and we will only add new assets that pass our thorough due diligence process, when the project excites us, and when we feel we can make a difference. We are also open to suggestions to support exciting new projects we might not yet be aware of.
Each protocol of the assets we support have different approaches to reward payouts. While some protocols put the responsibility to pay out rewards in the hands of the staking service, others handle payouts automatically on-chain. Also the frequency of payouts varies considerably per protocol and can range between less than a day to several days. You can find more detailed information in the respective section of each crypto asset.
There are many exchanges out there that fake trading volume, and thus, these cannot be trusted. Find below a list of exchanges whom we trust to buy crypto assets:
The links provided include a referral (except Kraken), so if you use those to register on these exchanges, we'll receive a commission. The exchanges are ordered by 24h trading volume in descending order (highest to lowest).

Although we trust these exchanges to behave fairly, we advise to never leave your crypto on any of these long-term and instead use a hardware wallet for long-term cold storage.
All staking protocols we support either already implement on-chain governance or will do so in the future. LetzBake! regards blockchains as public goods and we thus actively participate in on-chain governance. In Celo and Kusama, every token holder can participate in on-chain governance, and we encourage everyone to claim your voting right and have a say in the future direction of your favorite project.

Before voting on protocol changes, we will thoroughly evaluate each proposal and will only vote in favor of those whose rationales are based on evidence and/or long-term observations. Evidence does not necessarily need to come from the respective project’s ecosystem, but can also be derived from other, well established crypto assets.

In general, we prefer a solid, slow development over rapid deployment when this ensures a stable and secure chain, in which everyone can trust for the years to come.
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