xx network

xx network is led by world-famous cryptographer David Chaum, inventor of digital cash and father of online anonymity. The network combines the quantum secure, high-performance digital currency and consensus protocol of xx consensus with the privacy-protecting, high-speed mix technology of xx cMix. The result is the first efficient online platform that allows you to quickly and securely communicate and exchange value on your smartphone without revealing your metadata.

The first dApp currently available is the xx messenger for Android and iOS mobile devices that allows users to communicate without revealing their contacts or messaging activity. High-speed xx coin payment functionality will also be added in the future. As the first high-performance cryptocurrency – easy-to-use, and offering true cash privacy – xx coin will be uniquely capable of supporting a decentralized, democratic life.

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Return on Stake (ROS) and Fee

ROS: ~25%
Fee: 18%

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xx network FAQs

Currently, the only way to delegate is by using the xx network web app.

As the xx coin is not yet available on any exchange, you will need to already have your coins that you have bought in one of the pre-sales.

Note that to participate in staking you need to lock (bond) your coins and that it takes 28 days until your funds will unlock after unbonding these.

Contact us with any questions you may have. We’re happy to help!
Rewards can be claimed after every era, which last 24 hours in the xx network. Payouts are not automatic, but can be initiated by anyone, irrespective of delegation status to a respective validator. If rewards are not claimed within 84 days, they expire and will be lost. Although payouts can be initiated by anyone, we regularly trigger payouts and ensure that rewards never expire for our delegators.

If you wish to initiate payouts yourself, you can do so via the staking payouts page on the xx network web app, where you will see a list of validators that you have nominated in the past 84 eras. Each one has the option to trigger the payout for all unclaimed eras. Note that this will pay everyone who was nominating that validator during those eras, and anyone can call it.

Note that all rewards received are locked and that you need to unbond these in a 28-days period if you wish to use your coins once transfers are enabled on the network!
Due to legal constraints, unfortunately, the xx foundation cannot provide an ETA, but it is expected by the community that xx coin will be available on an exchange well within 2022.