Cardano is a third-generation blockchain, created from the ground up using research, peer-review, and a rigorous formal development model. It is designed to build a new decentralized economy and democratize finance in emerging markets. Cardano will allow decentralized applications and contracts to be built and executed in a low-cost, secure and scalable way.

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Return on Stake (ROS) and Fee

ROS: ~5%
Fee: 1% (+340 ADA fixed fee to cover operational costs)

Cardano Stake Pool


Cardano FAQs

Currently there are three options available:
  • The easiest option is to delegate your Ada to our BAKE1 stake pool by using either the Daedalus or Yoroi wallets.

  • We also offer the opportunity to become a pledge contributor, which means that you can contribute your Ada to our stake pool to increase its pledge and receive higher staking rewards in return. However, this option is only appropriate for people who intend to hold their stake over a longer period of time and are not interested in day- or swing trading. It currently also requires some familiarity with a Linux command line client, as you will need to sign the pool certificate with the private key of your staking wallet, which is not possible with any of the available wallets as of today. Note that it is not required to share your private key with us, only a signature, so you will not lose control over your stake. Be very suspicious if anyone claims that you need to share your private key or transfer your Ada to a wallet not controlled by you in order to contribute to the pledge of a pool!

  • For large holders who do not want to run an own stake pool, we also offer to run a node or several nodes on your behalf, thereby profiting from our highly secure and reliable infrastructure without losing control of your stake. Also here some familiarity with a Linux command line client is currently required.
Feel free to contact us for more information on these options or if you need support to delegate to our BAKE1 stake pool!
The delegation cycle of Ouroboros Praos, the PoS protocol of Cardano, is the following:
  • Delegation during epoch 0 (replace with the actual epoch you delegated to BAKE1)
  • The first stake distribution snapshot will be taken at the transition to epoch 1
  • Your stake produces rewards during epoch 2
  • Ouroboros Praos calculates rewards after 48h in epoch 3
  • Rewards will be distributed at the end of epoch 3
This means that first rewards are paid out three epochs after the epoch you made the delegation, ie. between 15 to 20 days.

In the case you delegated away from another stake pool, you continue receiving rewards from that pool until your stake is activated on BAKE1!
There are many exchanges out there that fake trading volume, and thus, these cannot be trusted. Find below a list of exchanges whom we trust to buy Ada:
The links provided include a referral (except Kraken), so if you use those to register on these exchanges, we'll receive a commission. The exchanges are ordered by 24h trading volume in descending order (highest to lowest).

Although we trust these exchanges to behave fairly, we advise to never leave your crypto on any of these long-term and instead use a hardware wallet for long-term cold storage.