Cardano is a third-generation blockchain, created from the ground up using research, peer-review, and a rigorous formal development model. It is designed to build a new decentralized economy and democratize finance in emerging markets. Cardano will allow decentralized applications and contracts to be built and executed in a low-cost, secure and scalable way.

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Return of Stake and Fee

ROS: 0%
Fee: 0%

Cardano ITN Stake Pool

Rewards are disabled on the ITN since epoch 190!


Cardano FAQs

With the Byron era – Cardano’s first incarnation running on a federated network – coming to an end, the Shelley era is set to launch, which will introduce decentralization and staking. Shelley is currently tested in the frame of the Cardano Incentivized Testnet (ITN), which is designed to test incentivization in a real-world context, allowing Ada holders to earn real rewards by delegating to a stake pool.
No, in order to participate in the ITN, you needed to have Ada in a mainnet Daedalus or Yoroi wallet when the balance snapshot was taken at 12:00 UTC on November 29, 2019. If you do not currently own testnet Ada (tAda), you cannot participate in the ITN and need to wait until Shelley launches on mainnet.
The most convenient way to delegate to LetzBake! is by either using the Daedalus or Yoroi ITN wallets.

There are good tutorials available on the Internet, which explain how to delegate to a stake pool, for instance for Daedalus here, and for Yoroi here. If you need support to set up a delegation, please contact us, we are happy to help.

Only download wallets from the original sources, and never from a random link on the Internet!
You will receive your staking rewards after every epoch, which last 1 day on the ITN. Rewards are directly paid in your staking wallet and are automated at protocol level, so we do not have any control over payouts.

At the end of the ITN phase, IOHK will provide a manual procedure to transfer Ada earned to the mainnet. We will post a link here once this information is available.
No, but we are also not clear yet about the fee we will have on the Shelley mainnet, as several parameters to determine an ideal fee, such as minimum stake and saturation, are not yet known.

The 0% fee we currently have on the ITN allows us to professionalize running a staking pool on Cardano, as such a “fee”, of course, attracts many delegators. In this sense, it is a win-win-relationship for both our delegators and us, as delegators benefit from zero fees and we benefit from having many blocks and are thus in a good position to calibrate our servers to be as efficient and secure as possible at Shelley mainnet launch.

However, as running a professional staking pool entails significant costs, it will be economically infeasible to continue running completely free on the Shelley mainnet.