Celo is an open, decentralized platform that enables a monetary system that creates conditions of prosperity for all. It is aiming to make it straightforward for anyone with a smartphone anywhere in the world to maintain a current account, send money to friends, and pay merchants. The first application launching on the platform is a social payments and cash transfer app, aimed at developing markets.

The Celo network currently features two assets, Celo (CELO) and Celo Dollar (cUSD). Celo is the network’s native asset and a central component of the consensus and governance mechanism of the Celo protocol, such as voting for delegator groups and participating in governance decisions. Celo Dollar is the initial stablecoin, which is pegged to the US Dollar.

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Return of Stake and Fee

ROS: ~6%
Fee: n/a

Celo Delegate Address

Nodito Labs validator group


LetzBake! donates 10% of our validator’s income to an international health NGO. Check the FAQs for more information!

Celo FAQs

Celo uses an election mechanism in which holders of CELO are incentivized to vote. But in contrast to other Proof-of-Stake variants, users don’t cast votes for validators directly – instead, they vote for validator groups, which consist of a maximum of five member validators. That means as a token-holder, you are not voting for a validator, you are instead voting for the group that contains the validators.

Having searched for mission-aligned organizations, LetzBake! decided to join the validator group of Nodito Labs, founded by early employees of cLabs, the company behind Celo. The Nodito Labs validator group seeks to:
  • Promote decentralization and credibility of the network
  • Grow the global Celo community
  • Offer the opportunity for qualified validators to build their brand
  • Support causes they believe in
With Celo having launched only recently in May 2020, there are currently no easy to use wallets available to vote (delegate) for a validator group. We expect that this situation will change soon, but for now you will have to use the command line interface (CLI) to vote for the Nodito Labs group, in which LetzBake! is a validator member. A guide on how to install the Celo CLI, lock your CELO and then vote for a validator group, is provided here.

Your CELO assets remain fully under your control at all times. Contact us with any questions you may have. We’re happy to help!

Only download wallets from the original sources, and never from a random link on the Internet!
Validators are automatically compensated by the protocol for securing the network, so delegators do not need to pay validator groups a commission.
You will receive your staking rewards after every epoch, which last 1 day in Celo. Rewards are directly paid in your staking wallet and are automated at protocol level, so we do not have any control over payouts.
We pledged to donate 10% of our Celo validator’s income to FAIRMED, an international health NGO that provides access to health care for poor and marginalized populations in Africa and Asia.

With our founder, Dr. Marc Bonenberger, being a program manager at FAIRMED and responsible for all of the organization’s projects in Nepal and Sri Lanka, we are not only donating these funds, but are also in an ideal position to significantly contribute to the project’s design in which the donation is going to be used. Several approaches are currently evaluated, and we will share the outcome publicly once the ideal solution is decided upon.

The donation wallet “Celo for Global Health” is already set up on the Celo blockchain and can be checked with the Celo bock explorer here.

If you want to get more information on how Celo can help international NGOs and how the technology can contribute to financial prosperity for poor and marginalized populations, check out Marc's presentation, which he gave at the Celo Prosper Series in June 2020.

If you want to contribute to the donation with either your CELO native asset or cUSD, please make a transfer to the “Celo for Global Health” wallet. You can find the address by following the link above.